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I grew up in a farm family in northern Wisconsin. That was in the "old days." At 61, I'm somewhat unique in having lived life so fully in 2 different worlds. My earliest memories are of Dad milking cows by hand, using lanterns to light our way--and of heading to the outhouse when we needed to do our business (with Sears and Roebuck catalog close at hand). My first educational experience was at the 1-room Gaslyn Creek school, and my family attended the tiny Green Grove Alliance Church.

I have fond memories and I often wish I could go back and live life again. I may be doing that in the next several years as a play around with writing memoirs. Husband John and I have taught a course to college students in Italy on the topic of reading and writing memoirs. An outgrowth of that course might just be my own memoirs--short portions of which are found here and there in many of my books.

Yes, my life is in 2 very different worlds. While holding the past dear, I try to keep up with the latest computer technology--and with the latest news (especially the versions offered on Comedy Central). And, I stay in shape for an old lady! We dirt bike through wooded trails with the grandkids and occasionally take 40 miles jaunts on the nearby White Pine Trail.

My husband John Worst is a long-time music professor at Calvin College. We love to teach together, including short college/seminary courses, CALL (Calvin Academy for Life-long Learning) and other kinds of adult education.


biking, canoeing, hiking, gardening, reading, writing, relaxing with husband John and kids and grandkids and good friends.